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World Heart Day 2020: 4 healthy living habits to opt this World Heart Day

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World Heart Day 2020: 4 healthy living habits to opt this World Heart Day

By Namit Tyagi

The World Heart Federation has discovered that coronary illness and strokes are the world’s leading reasons for death. This Heart Day, we need to appreciate our heart more and adopt habits which benefit it. Our hearts work beat by beat, second by second for 24 hours a day, never resting. Over the average lifetime, our hearts beat about 2.5 billion times. Knowing that it’s one of the most vital organs keeping us alive, it’s important to treat it like the precious commodity it is.

Praise your heart by adopting healthy habits

Faulty eating, absence of exercise, irregular eating routine and hypertension, increased cholesterol and glucose levels are largely factors which can trigger coronary illness and cause problems in our lives, and those of friends and family. Heart Day was set up on September 29 to deliver the message that heart issues can be managed.

All you need is a thought that you will stick to healthy habits for the sake of your health. Healthy habits are not only important for heart health, they are equally important for overall health. You will be surprised to know how simple these habits are. Sometimes, we don’t even pay attention to them. But once we start keeping them in mind and working on them, our heart will thank us in the longer run.

In case you are choosing to celebrate this day, it is essential that you are more mindful of your own heart health. There are various ways that you can do this. This includes following a healthy eating routine, stopping smoking, and engaging in physical activities. It is additionally important to have your cholesterol, pulse, and heart checked once in a while.

Apart from these, follow these habits to make your heart healthier:

Adopt healthy eating pattern

Most of us do not hesitate to order online when we feel hungry and that’s very convenient. However, our eating pattern is suffering from irregularities due to our busy schedule and lifestyle. A lot of us are busy in work and household chores and get very little time to think about our eating habits. Due to easy availability of readymade food, we are consuming more saturated fats or trans fat. On the top of it, lack of exercising and movement is pushing us towards obesity which could lead to heart problems.

Make a routine, try to cook at home, minimize the use of processed foods and sweet foods, eat more vegetables and fruits and use healthy cooking oils, which mostly contain heart-healthy poly- and mono-unsaturated fats like Canola, Olive, Peanut, Soybean, Sunflower, Mustard oil to maintain your heart health.

Don’t stress

Learning successful stress management techniques will keep your heart healthy – supportive techniques can incorporate deep breathing, focused imagery and biofeedback training, which are all suggested by heart health experts. Nonetheless, day to day meditation or an ordinary relaxation practice class, for example, pilates or yoga can likewise be exceptionally beneficial.

Start getting quality sleep

We know that you must be busy but getting quality sleep is important, and should be on your list. Too much or too little sleep can significantly affect your heart health. Getting less than six hours of sleep a night has been proven to put your body under stress, increasing your risk of coronary illness or a stroke. Get the suggested eight hours of the night for an ideal heart health.

Exercise daily

You can start cardiovascular exercises on a daily basis, for example, 30 minutes five days every week, or 50 minutes three days per week. You can start running, swimming, brisk walking, riding a bicycle, playing b-ball or tennis, and working on your garden. Concerning quality structure exercises, in a perfect world, you should put aside two days every week for 30 minutes of exercise that works your muscles, for example, the legs, back, shoulders and arms. What comes under quality exercising? Lifting loads, doing bodyweight practices like yoga, push ups and sit ups, and even heavy gardening with a great deal of burrowing and scooping would help you in making your heart stronger.

If you decide, you can keep your heart happy and healthy from now on. Sticking to a routine can be challenging; however, once you start following the routine, you will thank yourself and so will your heart. This Heart Day, let’s adopt these four healthy habits for the heart which has given you so much. It is our turn to thank it.

(The author is Co-Founder & Head Nutritionist, Neuherbs & Neusafe India. The above article is for information purposes only, Please consult medical professional/s before starting any therapy, treatment or supplement. Views expressed are personal.)


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