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Two more Covid-19 patients die of Covid-19

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Two more Covid-19 patients die of Covid-19

“Patient 430” is a 33-year-old woman in central Da Nang City with underlying conditions like late-stage kidney failure, heart failure, sepsis and hypertension.

She’s the youngest Covid-19 patients in Vietnam so far to die from the disease.

She was diagnosed with pneumonia on July 23, when she was admitted to the Da Nang Hospital with fatigue and breathing difficulty. She tested positive for the novel coronavirus on July 26. She was transferred to the Hue Central General Hospital on July 30, where she received artificial blood filtration continuously. She was later put on ventilators starting August 1.

Her condition took a turn for the worse on Sunday, before she was pronounced dead on Monday.

Her causes of death are severe pneumonia due to Covid-19, multiple organ failure and septic shock.

“Patient 737” is a 47-year-old woman also in Da Nang with underlying conditions like late-stage kidney failure, heart failure and hypertension.

On July 27, she tested negative for the novel coronavirus while still being quarantined, but the second test returned positive on August 4. She was then transferred to the Da Nang Hospital, then the Hoa Vang District medical center on August 6. She suffered from respiratory failure on Sunday and had to be put on ventilators. She fell into a coma on Monday before being pronounced dead.

Her causes of death are myocardial infarction, heart failure, kidney failure and Covid-19.

The two latest deaths were Vietnam’s 12th and 13th fatalities to Covid-19. Most of the deaths so far were patients with underlying conditions, including kidney failure, heart failure, cancer and hypertension.

Vietnam has confirmed 841 Covid-19 cases, 433 being active cases. 395 have been announced recovered from the disease.

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