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symptoms of a silent heart attack – Kewaskum Statesman News Journal

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symptoms of a silent heart attack – Kewaskum Statesman News Journal

In the medical world, the problem of heart attack is known as MI. Its full form is myocardial infarction. Most of us know the symptoms of a heart attack and its identity. But the only thing we are not even aware of is the silent heart attack. Because its symptoms are usually not seen and the light systems that most of us see do not understand them. Hence, there is a problem of becoming a threat to life. Here’s what happens, silent heart attack, and how to identify it … the difference between the two

To understand the difference between a heart attack and a silent heart attack, it is important that you understand the symptoms of a heart attack. If you don’t know anything about it, clicking the link at the bottom of this story will help you understand all the important things in simple language. Come on, let’s talk about the symptoms of a silent heart attack …

What is silent heart attack?

– A silent heart attack usually does not cause chest pain as severe as it does during a heart attack. At the same time, the patient may not have difficulty breathing.

You may also have a silent heart attack with common symptoms such as heaviness in the body, weakness in the body, and heartburn. Hence, it is said that the burning sensation and heaviness of the chest should never be ignored with ease.

If there is a problem of this type, do not take medication alone or out of medical care. Rather, go to the doctor and take medication after the exam. If there is a burning sensation on the chest, it is not necessary for you to see a heart specialist; you can see a doctor.

Silent heart attack and lethargy

In this day and age, the blood flow in our bodies is not as fast as it should be due to carelessness and lazy routines about eating and drinking. Because of this, the body’s energy production is also lower.

– When this cycle starts to spin, that is, when there is less energy in the body, we feel lethargic and become more inactive. This will decrease the blood flow. Because of this, there is sometimes a problem of blood clotting in the veins.

Due to the lack of blood circulation to a person’s heart, the heart begins to be pressurized and a silent heart attack can still occur.

Silent heart attack and acid

Due to the negligence of eating and drinking in our society, there are large numbers of people who frequently complain of chest and stomach irritation. You can treat stomach irritation with home remedies.

-But to cure the burning sensation on the chest, it is better to take a medicine as recommended by the doctor. Because the burning sensation on the chest is not as common as the burning sensation in the stomach. If you keep having this problem then you should treat it seriously.

Other symptoms of a silent heart attack

– Pain in the left hand and this pain can also be a sign of a silent heart attack. The left hand is called the left hand. The heart is usually on the left side of people.

Swelling of the ankles and swelling of the feet

-Sweet acid

Swelling of the feet

– Heaviness in the Seine

Mild breathing difficulties

Severe pain or persistent sting

– Burning feeling

-Chuckle and nervousness

Difficulty walking

These are all symptoms that can be a sign of a silent heart attack. It is not necessary that each patient experience all of these symptoms at the same time. Rather, one can be different in another person and have different symptoms in another person, or two to three of these symptoms can appear at the same time.

Prevention and treatment

– To avoid the problem of silent heart attack, you need to be careful about your diet and stay physically active. You can do the housework yourself for this. Such as mopping, dusting, washing dishes, etc. You can also use the stairs and roof of the house to stay active.

Great use of small space in the house

-Rose can do yoga and exercise. Jogging can be done on the terrace or balcony in the house itself. Because at this time in the park or in the gym there is a high risk of infection due to a corona infection. So use even the smallest room in the house for your fitness.

Heart attack does not come immediately, these symptoms are seen months before, here know all the necessary things related to it

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Silent heart attack you don’t even know about

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