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‘SNL’ Weekend Update Kate McKinnon Breaks [WATCH]

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‘SNL’ Weekend Update Kate McKinnon Breaks [WATCH]

What was supposed to be the debut of a new Weekend Update character for Kate McKinnon turned into one of the most memorable breaking moments for SNL in recent memory, when McKinnon, triggered by some squeaky “Under Pressure” noises from a blood-pressure machine, began giggling so maniacally that Colin Jost had to inquire to see if she’s alright. “I’m obviously not,” she responded. “I’m sorry you guys, it’s such a crazy time and this is something I started to do to cope. I have a lot of wigs and mustaches at my disposal and it’s a nice way to escape.” Call it new-character jitters, call it the pandemic, call it the pronunciation of “Dr. Wenowdis,” but McKinnon has no regrets: “The one thing that we do know is … no, we don’t know this.”

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