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Sergio Nardelli, Vicentin’s CEO, died of a heart attack

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Sergio Nardelli, Vicentin's CEO, died of a heart attack

Sergio Nardelli, CEO of Vicentin, died as a result of a heart attack

The businessman Sergio Nardelli, CEO and one of the main shareholders of Vicentin, died today at age 59 at his private home in the Santa Fe city of Reconquista, as a result of a heart attack, as confirmed to Infobae company sources. He had been in charge of various management positions in the company for almost 34 years. The burial will be this Thursday, August 13, at 10 am, in the Reconquista municipal cemetery.

The death occurred around 10 pm, after suffering a « massive heart attack » while the businessman was at his home, In the heart of the city. As reported by the ReconquistaHOY portal, the death was corroborated by the doctor, Jorge De Pratto, who was also a cousin of the deceased. . The doctor was also there Gustavo Algañaraz, who confirmed that the in the place “there were no signs of violence”. From this, the prosecutor on duty, Aldo Gerosa, ordered the delivery of the body to the family.

Nardelli was married and had 4 children. For years he has been in charge of the agro-exporter, which is currently going through a very delicate economic and financial moment, which led last February to enter a call for creditors, which is processed in the Reconquest Courts, with a debt exceeding the $ 1 billion.

Sergio Nardelli, better known as “el Mono”, was the son of a Vicentin, and replaced Alberto Padoán in office, although strictly speaking he was part of a collegiate family leadership among the main heirs. They accompanied him as Directors and part of the management of the company, the two sons of Padoán: Máximo and Cristian.

Grandson of one of the founders of the company based in Avellaneda, Santa Fe province, the businessman had led contacts with the national government and other authorities to oppose the company’s intervention and expropriation plan, which was later deactivated by Alberto Fernández himself.

Sergio Nardelli, next to President Alberto Fernández, during the meeting in Olivos last June (PRESIDENCY)

After the surprise presidential announcement that proposed the intervention and expropriation of the Vicentin company by the government, it was rejected by the entire agro-industrial sector and by a large part of society, especially by the inhabitants of the Santa Fe city of Avellaneda, who they mobilized immediately in solidarity with the company.

A massive march that was replicated in other districts, and that led to Alberto Fernández to immediately build an instance of dialogue. That is how he summoned the CEO of the company to the fifth of Olivos, Sergio Nardelli.

For its part, Gustavo Nardelli, brother of the « Mono » is being investigated in the cause of the granting of credit lines to Vicentin by the Banco de la Nación Argentina.

Vicentin’s situation

Last February, when the bankruptcy was armed, the debt recognized by Vicentin reached 1,577 million dollars at the official exchange rate of 63 pesos at that time. Among the company’s creditors were 1,895 grain suppliers, 586 other companies that sold goods and services to it, and 37 banks and finance companies. But Vicentin also owed money to 19 tax or pension agencies, to 98 of its shareholders (most of them different members of the founding family) and to three of its companies controlled by the group itself, which had made transfers that they never recovered.

In recent weeks the judge in Civil and Commercial matters of the Santa Fe city of Reconquista, Fabian Lorenzini, led two conciliation hearings in the framework of the preventive contest of the agro-exporter Vicentin, after the government of that province proposed the formation of a triumvirate with the controllers appointed by the national government plus a provincial one. There was no agreement between the parties to set up a trust with the participation of both parties, and President Alberto Fernández decided to annul the Decree of Necessity and Urgency by which the Vicentin company intervened for 60 days.

Now the company’s situation will be defined within the framework of the Creditors’ Competition. In this area, it must be determined how this complicated financial situation came to be and what the plan will be to cancel the debt with the creditors, many of them who are small and medium producers who need Vicentin to cancel it in order to continue in the activity.

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