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Richmond Kickers Round-up: FC Tuscon Heart Attack

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Richmond Kickers

In this week’s episode of Rivercity93, we go over The Richmond Kickers 2-1 win over FC Tucson and why this team leads to heart attacks.

This week the crew sits down to breakdown The Richmond Kickers 2-1 win over FC Tucson in the middle of a flash flood. Richmond started this game off in the right way in sitting up the high press and confusing Tucson. We also give the proper level of hype to Ivan Magalhaes as he is making a strong case for the Most Improved Player in the league.  For the second goal, even though Terzaghi scores, we have to give credit to Scott Thomsen who started the whole process. Although the Kickers win this game we still have some questions as this team leads to hearts late.


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