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Psoriasis w/ Arthritis a symptom of Heart Disease?

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Psoriasis w/ Arthritis a symptom of Heart Disease?

A recent study has linked Psoriasis that accompanies Arthritis as a symptom of Heart Disease.

“In particular, patients with so-called psoriatic arthritis may have a three- to four-fold higher prevalence of plaque in their coronary arteries, which leads to a higher heart attack risk.” (Reuters)

The condition is actually called Psoriatic-Arthritis which leads to higher levels of plaque in arteries and therefore an increased risk of heart attacks. The idea would be to approach current patients with Psoriatic-Arthritis and examine them for Heart Disease, along with preventative and lifestyle changes for those who have not developed heart issues.


The connection between Psoriasis and Arthritis is not uncommon. A patient with Psoriasis will not necessarily develop Arthritis and vice versa. However, there is a direct connection between someone that has Psoriatic-Arthritis and Psoriasis. The red, scaly patches that define the condition can, but will not necessarily develop into Arthritis, which is characterized by pain and joint swelling. In general, about a third of those patients with Psoriasis will develop into Psoriatic-Arthritis which may eventually lead to permanent joint damage. E


stimates put the risk of Heart Attack from Psoriatic-Arthritis at about 70% higher than the general population. Despite this glaring statistic, researches still don’t know exactly why.


In the general study from the National Psoriasis Foundation of 300 cardiovascular patients, which  included Psoriatic-Arthritis who did not have any previous signs of Cardiovascular Disease, showed interesting signs. Specifically, through ultrasound scans the Psoriatic-Arthritis patients showed an increase in the amount of coronary plaque and the older the patients the higher the amounts.


While further research is necessary to figure out exactly what the connection is, the study has concluded that a diagnosis of Psoriatic-Arthritis may be enough to begin preventative treatments for Heart Disease by prescribing hypertension and anti-inflammatory drugs. There may also be a connection for patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and many may not know it.

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