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Passenger robs veteran suffering fatal heart attack on GRTC bus

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Passenger robs veteran suffering fatal heart attack on GRTC bus

RICHMOND, Va. — A veteran who died of a heart attack while onboard a GRTC bus was robbed while unconscious.

Several riders jumped in to help the man but ultimately got off the bus — with the exception of one.

Police say 20-year-old Demontea Chappell, stayed behind under the guise of giving aid, but was seen on camera taking the man’s wallet.

A video reveals the heartbreaking details.

“Pop? What you name is Pop?” said a young man, as the older bus passenger struggled unconscious and not breathing.

“Trying to find his wallet. Where the wallet at?” that young man continues

Police say Chappell was acting as if he was giving aid to the air force veteran, but that the bus video shows he went inside the man’s wallet and then slid the cash into his own pocket.

CI sources said the veteran always carried cash, but how much that day is unknown.

Police now have a warrant for Chappell’s arrest.

The veteran died on the bus near the corner of First and Federal last Thursday morning.

Crime Insider sources say after family members questioned why their loved one’s wallet was empty, GRTC officials went to the recordings and alerted police. The investigation led police to Chappell, who is still on the run.

“He should’ve helped him instead of taking his money,” said Harris. “At the end of the day he needs to be held accountable for his actions. He’s a veteran, someone who helped our country and you would rob him? If anything, you should’ve stood up and said this man need help, but you didn’t do that whoever you are. They need to catch you and you need to go to jail.”

GRTC is helping police in this investigation.

If you know the whereabouts of Damontea Chappell, call police.

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