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Pa. coronavirus update: 660 cases as state nears 125K total cases | Pa. COVID-19 county case map (08/16/2020)

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Pa. coronavirus update: 660 cases as state nears 125K total cases | Pa. COVID-19 county case map (08/16/2020)

Pennsylvania’s nearing 125,000 cases of the coronavirus as the state reported 660 new positive tests on Sunday.

Since March, there have been 124,460 cases of the virus, which has killed 7,468 Pennsylvanians, the majority of them over 65, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s daily update.

The department estimates about 79% of people have recovered to-date.

This weekend, the state has recorded a total of 1,510 new cases and 23 new deaths.

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The state on Friday identified 15 counties with “concerning” rates of positive tests, including Berks County near the Lehigh Valley.

As schools prepare to welcome back students, the Valley continues to see a moderate number of new cases.

Here are your coronavirus updates for Aug. 16, 2020.

Coronavirus in Pa.

Sunday’s 660 new cases likely reflect a weekend reporting lag as only 13,179 individual tests were performed in the last 24-hours.

The state’s rolling average of new daily cases sits at 801, up from 757 a week ago, but down from the 842 case average of two weeks ago.

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Once again, Philadelphia and Allegheny counties again accounted for the largest chunk of Sunday’s new cases with 96 and 74 respectively.

The state’s cases now total 124,460, so they will likely surpass the 125,000 mark in the next two days. About 8,922 of the total cases are health care workers and 20,375 are nursing home residents.

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The rate of hospitalizations has fallen after a small surge in July. However, the rate of statewide deaths is climbing. In the last seven days, on average, 22 Pennsylvanians died daily from COVID-19, up from 15 a week ago and 12 two weeks ago.

There were three new deaths reported on Sunday and 20 on Saturday. The majority of those hospitalized and those who have died are over 65.

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About two-thirds of the state’s coronavirus fatalities have been residents of nursing homes.

The number of cases in young people continues to grow, especially those ages 19 to 24.

Coronavirus in the Lehigh Valley

The Lehigh Valley recorded 40 new cases and one death on Saturday and Sunday.

As of Sunday, state data puts the region at total 9,078 cases with 636 deaths.

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That breaks down to:

  • 5,070 total cases and 341 deaths in Lehigh County, with 23 new cases and one death reported in the last 48 hours. The county averaged 15 new cases a day over the last week.
  • 4,008 total cases and 295 deaths in Northampton County, with 17 new cases and no new deaths. The county averaged 11 new cases a day over the last week.

Who is dying from COVID-19?

A report issued each Friday by the department of health gives a glimpse into the demographics of those who have died from the coronavirus.

There were 7,445 COVID-19 deaths in the state when the report was run at 11:59 p.m. Thursday.

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The virus has killed 3,840 women and 3,605 men, mostly people over 65.

About 21% of those who have died are Black; 12% of the state’s 12.8 million residents are black.

The majority of those who have died — 5,357 people — are white. About 82% of Pennsylvania residents are white.

The state says 438 of the fatalities have been Hispanic, but the report does not differentiate between white and non-Hispanic whites.

Most of the deaths have occurred in hospitals — 3,796 — or long-term living facilities — 3,225.

The report also lists the other diseases, known as comorbidities, that those who’ve died also had. The top diseases listed include dementia, hypertension, and diabetes. But it is an incomplete picture as 37% of death records do not include the date.

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