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Over 6,000 new cases reported Saturday after fourth-deadliest day on record

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deaths up in California amid case data disaster

Just a day after California public health officials announced the state’s fourth-deadliest death count on record, COVID-19 data dashboards from across the state Saturday showed that new cases and deaths are slightly below the 7-day average.

According to data compiled by this news organization, California had 6,371 new cases reported on Saturday, compared to 7,944 announced Friday. One-hundred and two people were reported dead from the coronavirus on Saturday, well below the 186 deaths officials reported a day earlier.

The state has reported its four deadliest days of the pandemic since July 29, including 215 deaths July 21 and 197 deaths on Aug 4. The 186 deaths reported Friday in addition to those reported Saturday bring the total number of COVID-19 fatalities in California to 10,312.

On Thursday the state crossed the 10,000 death mark, and cases and fatalities have been dropping since then, although problems with the state’s reporting system mean there may be underreporting of daily positive cases.

Gov. Gavin Newsom had ordered an investigation on Aug. 7 into errors that led to a backlog of up to 300,000 lab records in the state’s coronavirus tracking system.

Coronavirus is now the seventh-leading cause of death in the state, ahead of diabetes, influenza, pneumonia and hypertension, according to 2018 data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A look at just what Californians die from each year shows that the worst natural disaster in the state’s history may not be the massive wildfires or famous earthquakes that have rocked the state over the years. As the surge in new coronavirus cases continues, it is on pace to be the third leading cause of death in the state this year.

Hardest hit are California’s Latinx and Black communities. Residents, business owners and elected officials say the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland has been battered by the pandemic especially hard compared to other places in the Bay Area.

The pandemic there — which amounts to about 1,300 COVID-19 cases in Fruitvale’s Zip code — has destroyed local businesses, left streets empty and dangerous and brought fear to the lives of many. A new report in the East Bay Times shows how the Fruitvale and other largely Latinx neighborhoods have fared during the pandemic.

But the pandemic has also brought more and more anxiety to families as the school year approaches and universities across the state announce different plans for the fall semester.

In a new report in The Mercury News, Bay Area students say they are struggling to keep up with constantly-changing university plans and many are scrambling to figure out what to do.

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