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Neighbors step in to help after farmer has heart attack

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The friends, family and neighbors of a North Dakotan father stepped in to harvest his crops after he suffered from a heart attack.

Lane Unhjem, 57, was working on his annual crop when a fire broke out. The stress from the incident caused him to go into cardiac arrest. While he was flown to recovery at Trinity Medical Center in Minot, over 60 volunteers in the area stopped what they were doing to assist the Unhjem family in finishing the harvest, each showing up with their own equipment.

The majority of those that came to help were already either farmers or farm hands. As soon as they arrived on the farm, they began finishing the harvest on Unhjem’s durum wheat and canola crops, completing the job in just seven hours. A week or so later, another group of volunteers came to handle Unhjem’s soybeans.

The helpful farmers realized that, had the crops been unharvested, the loss would’ve been devastating to Unhjem and his family. Their charity appeared to have a snowball effect, as another party of people who had heard of their task cooked them all one big meal as a sign of appreciation and support.

Lane Unhjem remains in stable condition, although his family says he still has a long way to recovery.

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