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Nearly 30% Covid-19 deaths in state due to multiple co-morbidities – gurugram

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At least 30% Covid-19 deaths in the state are due to multiple co-morbidities, mainly hypertension, diabetes and heart disease, according to the data by the Haryana health department. Senior doctors treating coronavirus patients said that those who could not survive were mostly overweight with high insulin resistance.

Based on the data of 538 deaths reported till August 16, nearly 29% had succumbed to the illness without having any previous health issues. On the other hand, patients of liver disease, cancer, kidney disease, hypertension, heart disease, respiratory illness, diabetes and other health issues along with those under investigation when combined contributed to 41% of coronavirus deaths.

Data shows that highest number of deaths has been reported in the age group 55-64 years, followed by 65-74 years and then 45-54 years. Based on the overall toll, the mortality rate of Haryana is 1.12%. The death count till Friday was 585.

Going by the state figures, of these 41%, at least 8% patients had diabetes mellitus and 6% had history of respiratory illness. Two percent each had liver disease and neurological disorder. It also includes nearly 3% cancer patients and 3% patients with kidney disease. Almost 4% had hypertension and 4% had heart disease. At least 3% had other health issues.

Dr Dhruv Chaudhary, head, pulmonary and critical care medicine department, PGIMS-Rohtak, who is also Haryana’s nodal officer for Covid-19, said, “Covid-19 deaths are due to multiple factors. Firstly, people are getting admitted late to the hospital. It is due to late diagnosis and reporting, and patients shifting between hospitals before getting the final treatment. The process is not seamless. Secondly, the availability of healthcare, diagnostics, medicines and identification of the patient by the health worker at the preliminary stage contributes to the fatality rate.”

He said, “Patients who have succumbed to the multiple co-morbidities were found insulin resistant, which is linked to high-cholesterol levels and heart issues. Findings shows these patients are mostly obese.”

Over 6% deaths are also under investigation as the patients were brought dead to the hospital and were Covid-19 positive. In Gurugram till now, 10 such sudden Covid-19 deaths have been reported. Since fatality rate helps in identifying high-risk population, severity of the disease and setting up quality of healthcare, every district has constituted a death audit committee to review the cause of the deaths. Earlier this month the state health department stressed upon preparing the audit reports properly to ascertain the cause of deaths.

In case of Gurugram, at least 131 Covid-19 deaths have been reported in Gurugram, with a fatality rate of 1.25%. Of the total deaths, 92 are due to co-morbidities and 39 without co-morbidities, according to the district health bulletin. On Friday, out of the 10,756 cases, 811 are active and 9814 have recovered from the illness. Of the active cases, 705 are in home isolation, 8 in government or self-paid isolation centres and 98 are hospitalised.

Dr Virender Yadav, chief medical officer, said, “More than 320 Covid-19 deaths are reported from Faridabad and Gurugram, while the remaining from other districts. Most of these deaths are largely due to multiple co-morbidities where a patient had diabetes, hypertension and heart disease together.” In Faridabad 160 deaths have been confirmed till date.

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