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Native returns to provide health care – Kern Valley Sun

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Native returns to provide health care – Kern Valley Sun
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Cody Bulgarelli is a physician’s assistant at Mountain View Health Center.

Bulgarelli serves as physician’s assistant at Mountain View

By D. Beasley

One of the most important factors in staying healthy is relatively simple, Cody Bulgarelli, a newly hired physician’s assistant at Mountain View Health Center, said.

“Movement,” he told the Kern Valley Sun. “For general longevity, for growing old well, I can’t emphasize movement enough. Between that and diet, there’s not much that benefits us as much.”

Bulgarelli, a native of Weldon who recently returned to the Valley after graduating from physician’s assistant school at Rock Mountain University in Utah, recommends walking at a fairly brisk pace for 30 minutes a day, five days a week.

“It’s not awfully hard to do unless you have a condition that keeps you from doing it,” he said. “Maintaining an active lifestyle is one of the best things you can possibly do.”

It’s all too easy with today’s technology to fall into the trap of sitting in front of a screen all day, Bulgarelli said.

“Being sedentary affects every single system in your body — your heart, your blood pressure, everything,” he said. “We’re made to move. Everything gets affected when you stop moving. Technology that makes life easier for us sometimes bites us because we can get everything we need with very minimal effort.”

At Mountain View, Bulgarelli is one of five physician assistants working under Dr. Sarah Lopez. On any given day, he sees patients of all ages, with all types of ailments and concerns, from immunizations to heart problems, high blood pressure and diabetes.

The clinic provides a convenient location for Kern Valley residents to receive health care without traveling to Bakersfield, Bulgarelli said. With COVID-19, the clinic is even more important to Valley residents.

Physician assistants, who work under a doctor’s supervision, can perform most of the same functions.

“I have no limitations on prescriptions, procedures, what types of patients I can see,” he said.

Bulgarelli is happy to be home again.

“I always felt it would be really cool to come back to Kern Valley,” he said. “The Valley did a lot for me, supported me in all kinds of stuff growing up — clubs, sports, scholarships for this and that. I thought it would be cool to come back and provide care to the Valley, which kind of raised me. When I did get offered a position here it was really awesome.”

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