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Mexican president’s spokesman tests positive for coronavirus

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Mexican president's spokesman tests positive for coronavirus

The spokesman for Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has tested positive for cornavirus

Ramírez Cuevas is close to López Obrador, often handing him documents or going on trips with the president.

López Obrador is 67 and has high blood pressure, but almost never wears a mask.

On Sunday, López Obrador toured the Pacific coast seaport of Manzanillo and gave a speech, as usual without a mask on.

Also on Sunday, health authorities in the northern border state of Tamaulipas detected a case of the U.K. variant, known as B.1.1.7. That strain has also been found in the United States, Canada, Italy, India and the United Arab Emirates.

Scientists in the U.K. have said the variant may be more contagious than previously identified strains.

The man was asymptomatic when tested, but has since been hospitalized and placed on a ventilator.

Officials said 31 of those aboard the flight had shown no symptoms and two others tested negative, but that 12 more could not be located. This is the first confirmed case of the new variant in Mexico.

Mexico reported about 10,000 newly confirmed coronavirus cases nationwide Sunday and about 500 more deaths. Hospitals in Mexico City, the current epicenter of the pandemic in Mexico, were 92% full.

Only about 6,320 people received vaccines in Mexico Sunday, for a total of 107,250 so far.

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