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Listen to your heart, paramedics urge

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Listen to your heart, paramedics urge

CAMPASPE Shire residents are being urged to know the symptoms of serious illness and when to call for help.

Ambulance Victoria Loddon Mallee regional director Michael Georgiou said with stage three coronavirus restrictions in place and many people at home, now was the time to brush up on the basics when it came to your health.

“While a lot of attention is on stopping the spread of COVID-19 and rightly so, we don’t want people to ignore the warning signs of other medical conditions such as stroke and heart attack,” Mr Georgiou said.

“If you are feeling chest pain, breathing, dizziness, anxiety, vomiting – don’t delay calling 000. Time is of the essence and the earlier we can get to the patient, the better their chance of recovery.”

Mr Georgiou said paramedics were taking extra precautions to keep patients and themselves safe, including wearing personal protective equipment to every case.

“Delivering care while protecting patients and paramedics from COVID-19 means we are paying scrupulous attention to infection control,” Mr Georgiou said.

“I know the return to tougher restrictions has caused some anxiety, particularly for our elderly residents, but we are well prepared to serve the community through this pandemic.”

Mr Georgiou said people who called ‘000’ may also be asked a few extra questions if they’re suffering flu or COVID-19-like symptoms.

“By asking these questions, our experienced paramedics and registered nurses on the end of the line will be able to determine the right care for you, whether that’s an emergency ambulance, non-emergency transport, referral to a doctor or pharmacist, or if you’re okay to care for yourself at home,” he said.

“Our message is simple, listen to your body, and remind your friends and family too, that we are here to help you in a medical emergency.”


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