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Help Make Heart Disease History

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Help Make Heart Disease History

Did you know that one Australian dies of cardiovascular disease every 13 minutes? It can strike without warning, devastating families and shattering lives.

Give with Heart Day is the Heart Foundation’s annual 24-hour fundraising challenge, which aims to raise money for world-class research to help make heart disease history.

This year, Give with Heart Day is taking place on Wednesday 7th October, and the Heart Foundation is aiming for a whopping $4 million total – so if you’re able to give generously, and share this cause with your friends and family, you’ll be doing your bit to help.

And, this year all donations will be QUADRUPLED by other Heart Foundation generous donors. So, a $1 donation becomes $4. A donation of $100 = $400, $250 = $1000… and you get the idea!

We all know Greg Page – the original yellow Wiggle! Whilst performing during a bush fire relief concert on 17 January 2020, Greg had a heart attack and went into cardiac arrest.

Greg says the night of the concert is still a “total blur”. However, one thing he does remember is lying on the ground and struggling to breathe.

There were four people there that night trained in CPR, two of The Wiggles cast and crew, a nurse and a GP. They immediately came to Greg’s aid.

“I am so grateful those people recognised I was in cardiac arrest,” he says. They knew to do CPR and to look for an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) to shock Greg’s heart and bring him back to life.

Greg says he now has a second chance “to make a difference in a big way”. This includes working with organisations like the Heart Foundation to raise awareness about the vital importance of heart health, CPR training and AEDs, as well as research into heart disease.

“The Heart Foundation is Australia’s biggest non-government funder of world class research into heart disease. I might not be here today if it weren’t for research funded by the Heart Foundation over the years.

“Every donation large or small is a big help. For example, $50 could cover the cost of basic tools researchers need to grow heart cells:  syringes, test tubes and flasks. And $100 could pay for a DNA test that can help determine genetic factors that can identify people at high risk of heart disease.

“If you are reading this, donate on Give with Heart Day to enable the Heart Foundation’s work to continue. You just never know when you might be the beneficiary of some of that research.”

Help make heart disease history, donate to Give with Heart Day today.

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