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Heart attack help to hand 24/7

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Heart attack help to hand 24/7

Coming to the rescue of someone having a heart attack in Tamahere just got easier with a new, public defibrillator or AED now stationed at St Stephen’s Church.

The newest AED in Tamahere can be accessed 24/7 from a cabinet on the outside of the church hall on Tamahere Drive.

The secure cabinet is opened with a code that is available by phoning the emergency 111 number and asking for the ambulance service. An AED, or automated external defibrillator, guides a helper through the process of assisting a heart attack victim.

AED 24/7 at St Stephen's Church, Tamahere Dr.
The AED can be accessed 24/7 by phoning 111 for a code to open the cabinet

The installation was made possible by the donation of the cabinet by the St Stephen’s Christmas Festival group.

Other AEDs are available in Tamahere, including at the Tamahere Community Centre, Tamahere School, Regal Haulage, and the Tamahere Playcentre. They are available during opening hours.

AED locations can be found anywhere in New Zealand via the AED Locations app for phones or on the AED Locations website here.

The AED located at the church hall will be maintained by St Stephen’s, including regular checks and battery replacements. Church spokeswoman Jane Manson said any donations towards the cost would be appreciated.

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