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Health care goes remote

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Health care goes remote


Concerns about catching Covid-19 have some folks postponing visits to their doctors. In this week’s Medical Monday, Kathy McCarty has more on a program that has doctors making house calls via the internet.

Telehealth is a method of using current technology that allows health care providers to care for their patients, without the need for an office visit. Individuals meet face-to-face with their providers, thanks to the internet.

“This type of technology’s very important now with everything that’s going on with the Covid infection, so that we want to make sure that people are safe at home, and we want to make sure that there’s safety with the staff here and the providers here, as well as everybody’s families – so a way of containing how we treat and prevent infection is by trying to keep people at home, in the safety of their home,” says John Raymond, a Physician’s Assistant with Northern Light Health.

John Raymond, a Physician’s Assistant with Northern Light Health, says a variety of care can be provided using telehealth technology.

Raymond says, “If you have a rash, it can be seen and treated through pictures you could see with the computer.”

KM – Service isn’t limited to just computers, other devices, like smartphones, can be used as well.

“It’s something that could be easily done, and many people who may or may not have the capacity for computers at home or otherwise may have some trusted friends or family members who do have it, that they could either do it at their house or a trusted and safe environment, or they could do it with the convenience of smartphones at their own home,” says Raymond.

Telehealth appointments are scheduled like an office visit. An email is sent to the patient, with a link to the online appointment. Help is available via phone if you have a problem. Raymond says there’s one thing a patient can do that will help their provider.

“A blood pressure cuff – a blood pressure monitor that they can do at home and get their vitals done by checking their blood pressure and heart rate at home so that they would have that information,” says Raymond.

For more information about telehealth services, contact your health care provider. Kathy McCarty, NewsSource 8

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