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Frank Bielec: ‘Trading Spaces’ death at 72 from heart attack

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Frank Bielec: 'Trading Spaces' death at 72 from heart attack

Bielec was 72 and died at a Houston hospital, his stepson Matt Gafford said.

The TLC Network issued a statement Saturday saying, it’s “a sad day for the TLC family as we learn of the passing of beloved ‘Trading Spaces’ designer Frank Bielec.”

His colleague, designer Vern Yip, tweeted on Friday night saying, “Funny, wise, nice, and talented, he always lent perspective and levity to every situation.”

Home makeover host Ty Pennington tweeted about Bielec on Saturday, saying, “One of the best humans I’ve had the good fortune to call friend. You will be missed Frank.”

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