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Doctors call simple ways to lower high blood pressure

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Doctors call simple ways to lower high blood pressure

Doctors have named several simple ways to reduce high blood pressure. Consuming the seeds of one of the plants will provide healing by cleansing the walls of the blood vessels.

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Flax seeds are extremely beneficial in helping to keep the walls of blood vessels elastic, which promotes health. In addition, blood flow does not slow down due to the cleansing of the vessels from toxins. Hypertension occurs for several reasons, including a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, including too much salt in meals, and harmful working conditions. It is necessary to include flax seeds in the diet, adding them to salads, as they ensure the normal functioning of blood vessels. Three months after the regular intake of these seeds, the pressure drops by 5-7 units.

Instead of seeds, you can use flaxseed oil, in which case the concentration of nutrients will be much higher. It is recommended to drink one tablespoon of oil every morning, which will maintain vascular health and minimize bouts of hypertension. The next way is to drink green tea, dark chocolate with a cocoa content of up to 72% is also useful. This product relaxes the blood vessels of the circulatory system and improves blood flow, preventing a sharp increase in pressure.

The third way is to eat foods high in potassium such as bananas, legumes, spinach and avocados. When they are included in the diet, the number of cases of a sharp increase in pressure will decrease.

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