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Boy, 12, Dies From Heart Attack While Playing Online Video Game

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Boy, 12, Dies From Heart Attack While Playing Online Video Game

A young boy has died from a heart attack while playing a popular online video game for hours.

The 12-year-old’s parents entered his room in Egypt and found him unresponsive, with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds still playing on his mobile phone.

He was rushed to hospital, according to the Egypt Independent, however died before he arrived.

Local media report the boy had been playing the video game for hours without taking a break.

His death has been labelled a ‘cardiac arrest’ that was brought on from an increase of blood pressure and he was also listed as overweight.

Following the boy’s tragic death, The Al-Azhar Fatwa Center issued a warning about the dangers of playing ‘addictive’ and ‘violent’ video games at such a young age.

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Egypt Independent reported the Center saying games like PUBG ‘seem simple at first’ however they use ‘complex psychological methods’ to keep people gaming. The Center has called on scholars, preachers and teachers to help raise awareness of the dangers of video games.

Previous studies have shown that violent video games have limited to zero effect on a person’s aggressiveness.

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Researchers over at Massey University in New Zealand amalgamated data from 28 other studies on the issue that included up to 21,000 young people and gamers to see if playing their shoot-em-ups encouraged more violent behaviour.

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Their research led them to the conclusion that there is no link between playing violent games like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto and real-world aggression.

But The Al-Azhar Fatwa Center wants parents to check in on their kids more often to make sure they’re okay and limit the time they spend on devices if it’s getting excessive.

There have been loads of stories of young people dying as a result of mammoth gaming sessions and each one always serves as reminder of what can happen if you don’t take a break.

Piyawat Haikun, 17, had a severe gaming addiction, which meant when he broke up from classes at the end of October, he used his free time to play on multiplayer battle games on his PC.

Piyawat’s devastated parents said he would stay up all night, before drawing the curtains during the day so that he could continue gaming.

As he spent hour upon hour glued to the computer at his home in Udon Thani, northern Thailand, his mum and dad would try to take food into his room and urge their son to stop, but he simply refused to cut down.

Piyawat’s father Jaranwit went into his son’s bedroom on November 4 afternoon, where he found him collapsed – slumped against a PC tower on the floor after falling from his computer chair.Jaranwit explained how he tried to revive his son, but tragically Piyawat was already dead.

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