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Boryung Pharmaceutical Launches ‘Tubero’ in Mexican Market

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Boryung Pharmaceutical Launches 'Tubero' in Mexican Market
Panelists participate in an online symposium held to mark the release of Boryung Pharmaceutical’s new high blood pressure drug Tubero in Mexico on Sept. 11.

Boryung Pharmaceutical’s new high blood pressure drug Tubero (a composite drug for dyslipidemia), which belongs to the company’s Kanarb family of hypertension drugs, made its debut in the Mexican market on Sept. 11 (Korea time).

Tubero is Boryung’s fourth product to be introduced in Mexico, following “Arahkor” (the local name of Kanarb)” released in 2014, “Di Arahkor” (the local name of Kanarb Plus) in 2016, and “Arahkor Duo” (the local name of Dukarb)” in 2019. Tibero will be sold under the name of “Arahkor-Pre” in Mexico.

In particular, Arahkor-Pre is expected to garner much attention in Mexico as it is the first ARB+statin composite drug sold in the country.

Boryung held a web symposium to mark the debut of Arahkor-Pre in Mexico. many Mexican experts participated in the symposium, which was broadcast live in Korea and Mexico.

At the symposium, four panelists made a presentation, including Park Jin-joo, a professor of the Department of Internal Medicine at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital. The other three were from the University of Medicine La Salle (ULSA) Medical Center, the XXI Century National Medical Center and the ABC Medical Center

“There are a number of clinical findings that a high blood pressure-dyslipidemia composite drug significantly reduces the incidence of cardiovascular diseases,” said a medical director of Stendhal, a pharmaceutical company in Mexico, during the symposium. “In particular, Arahkor-Pre is a combination of Fimasartan, which is highly efficacious in lowering blood pressure, and Rosubastatin, which is the most widely used dyslipidemia drug. This new product is expected to provide a new treatment option for cardiovascular disease patients and medical staffs in Mexico.”

Choi Sung-won, executive director of Boryung Pharmaceutical’s Global Business Division said, “Arahkor-Pre has already proved to be effective in treating cardiovascular diseases in the Korean market. We believe Arahkor-Pre will help improve treatment effects on patients with cardiovascular diseases in Mexico.” He said Boryung will share its marketing know-how with Stendhal for a soft landing of Arahkor-Pre in Mexico. Boryung forged a partnership with Stendhal in 2013.

Meanwhile, Boryung Pharmaceutical and Stendhal held a “FAST Study” web symposium on Kanarb for doctors in Mexico in August. The symposium was attended by 250 Mexican circulatory organ doctors who showed interest in and marveled at the drug’s excellent clinical effects found through new research.

FAST Study is a clinical trial that proved Kanarb’s superiority by comparing Kanarb and Valsartan via a head-to-head method on patients with mild and moderate essential hypertension. The study proved that Fimasartan is superior to Valsartan in pressure lowering effects and effectively control blood pressure day and night.

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