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Blood pressure can be measured simply with BioBeat’s cuffless solution

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Blood pressure can be measured simply with BioBeat's cuffless solution
Israeli medical technology innovation firm BioBeat took its patch-based wireless blood pressure monitoring solution a step further when it combined it with a smart-watch, allowing users to get a better grip on their health data without the need to use a rubber cuff. The company reported in a Monday press release that its solution was demonstrated to be 96.31% as effective as traditional blood pressure measuring solutions in a study conducted by Scientific Reports.  

How does it work? BioBeat offers a wearable patch that can check blood volume changes via the skin using light (Photoplethysmogram, or PPG for short) and, using this data, detect the heart rate and monitor the patient’s breathing.  

Since blood flows through the entire body with each heartbeat, light can be used as a method of measurement when it’s beamed against the patient’s skin and then bounces back; a healthy blood circulation will provide different data than a poor one. Finger-worn PPG solutions, for example, are already widely used.  

The patch solution is innovative because it collects data concerning 16 aspects of the patient’s health (among them blood oxygen percentage) and transmits it to a secure cloud-based server where it can be shared with all relevant parties. If patients are in hospital, the patch can alert the staff when their readings drop as they sleep; if the patient is at home, a loved one can get a notification about the person’s condition. 

In April The Jerusalem Post reported that the BioTech solution was used in 15 Israeli hospitals. It is the first company, and only one to date, to win FDA approval for a cuff-less solution of this nature. 

This extra step was introduced last year when the FDA approved BioTech coupling the patch with a smartwatch. The watch informs patch-wearers on their health condition and can offer a set of comprehensive solutions – for example, a text reminder sent to the patient’s smartphone to take medication. 

The patch can be worn for up to 10 days and the watch needs to be recharged every three days, docwirenews reported last August.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a wireless solution that can offer real-time data about the oxygen levels in users’ blood can be a powerful game-changer. Those who were exposed to a patient and are staying indoors could use the patch to ensure they get fast medical help if needed and hospitals could offer fast relief the moment their patients are experiencing breathing or heart difficulties. 

The combined patch-watch solution can also be used for other people who require constant attention to their data, such as those with diabetes or people recovering from a heart attack.

Noting that his solution is simpler than cuff-based devices, BioBeat CEO Arik Ben Ishay expressed his hope that it would “also improve patient compliance without disrupting daily routines.”

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