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Beloved Moot resident dies of a heart attack

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Beloved Moot resident dies of a heart attack

Well-known resident in the Moot, Tienie Trollip died in December at the age of 86 due to heart failure.

Trollip and his wife, Marie (85), lived in the Moot for 60 years where after they moved to Twee Riviere Retirement Village in Montana two years ago.

This beloved man with his long, slender figure and grey hair was a member of NG Kerk Môregloed in Ben Swart Street.

He was a steam train driver for the South African Railways for 32 years.

Daughter, Magda Louw (60) said her father’s death is a great loss to the Moot community.

Tienie and Marie Trollip and their children, Magda and Tinus. Photo: Supplied

“I’m a born and bred Moot resident.

“We have lived in Fry Street all these years.

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“My father was a steam train man at heart. That was his greatest passion in life.”

Magda is one of two children. She has a younger brother, Tinus who has two children, Carla and Janus.

“His health was slowly deteriorating and his health had not been what it was for some time,” she said.

“He was admitted to the frail care unit and later passed away.”

She said her parents were married for 66 years.

“Although my father’s death is still very difficult, my mother is recovering well.

“Our hearts ache, but we will remember him for his own fads and whims,” she said.

“Although I cannot visit my mother during this difficult time, the village as well as the neighbours are caring for her. They embrace her with care and love.”

Trollip was one of six children.

Tienie Trollip and his wife, Marie. Photo: Supplied

“The others have already passed away before the age of 65 years old.

“My father will be remembered for his kindness. He always walked around with a smile on his face and did not hesitate to greet everyone,” she said.

“My father was very fond of walking. As motorists drove past him in the streets, they blew their horns and waved back,” she said.

“My father had so many friends.”

Magda said that her father had his own parking space at the mall where he did his grocery shopping with his maroon Uno.

Tienie and Magda’s first child died of typhoid fever nine months after his birth.

“I never got the chance to meet my brother,” she said.

“It took my parents years to process his death.”

Trollip’s memorial service took place on 23 December where he was cremated earlier this week.

“Once the lockdown level is eased, we would like to keep my father’s ashes at Rebecca Street Cemetery, where my brother was buried.

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“It was his wish that when the Lord comes to fetch him, that he take his place next to his son.”

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