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At critical care hospital, 19 babies born to Covid patients, all healthy | Noida News

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At critical care hospital, 19 babies born to Covid patients, all healthy | Noida News
Greater Noida: Nineteen healthy babies were born to women who tested positive for Covid and had been admitted to Sharda Hospital, the only L3 facility in Noida.
Of the 19 women, 16 were “high risk patients” suffering from eclampsia, pre-eclampsia (a rare but serious condition where high blood pressure results in seizures during pregnancy), hypertension and diabetes.
An analysis of 1,003 patients admitted to the hospital between April 3 and August 10 has revealed that of the 19 deliveries, 14 were caesarean and five were normal. No pre-natal and fetal mortality had been recorded and none of the newborns tested positive for Covid-19.
“Usually, we get very serious patients with comorbidities at the only L3 hospital of the district. Hence the pressure is immense. The pregnant women who had Covid were in the high risk category. Of the 19 women admitted, 16 were suffering from eclampsia, pre-eclampsia, hypertension and diabetes. But we managed successful deliveries and none of the newborns tested positive. There were no pre-natal or fetal mortality,” said Dr Ajit Kumar, spokesperson, Sharda Hospital. The newborns had to be kept close to their mothers but Dr Kumar added that all precautions were taken to ensure that the babies do not get infected. “Masks and overall covers during feeding time and social distancing at other times were some of the steps that were strictly followed by the hospital staff while attending to the new mothers and babies,” said Dr Kumar.
The analysis also shows a better recovery rate among patients above 70 years with comorbidities, compared to those between 20 and 70 years.
Most patients admitted are in the 24 to 60 year age group. “As against total 22 patients in the senior age group of 75 to 105 years who recovered in maximum 10-12 days, we had 222 patients in the 0-25 years age group who were in hospital for 24 days. There were 496 patients in the 26-50 years age group who were treated for 27 days, followed by 742 patients in the 51-75 years group who were treated for 25 days,” said Dr Manisha Jindal, the dean, School of Medical Sciences and Research (SMSR), Sharda University.
According to Dr Kumar, overall as against youngsters who took about 24-27 days’ recovery on an average, the seniors had better immunity and motivation towards recovery status. “Almost all 75 years and above stayed in the hospital for only 10-12 days despite the majority being comorbid. Main reason for their recovery is seen in a disciplined lifestyle, better motivation and immunity level,” said Dr Kumar.
Dr Jindal said: “All details of patients have been recorded and updated as per physicians or critical care specialist’s instructions for future analysis,” said Dr Jindal.
According to the study, 403 patients had comorbidities and diabetes topped the list with 134 patients suffering from it, followed by 131 patients suffering from hypertension, 50 had renal problems, 40 had heart ailments, 34 had hypothyroidism and 14 were anaemic.

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