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American Heart Association to fund additional research on heart disease and COVID-19

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Heart disease and COVID-19
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Heart disease and COVID-19

The American Heart Association said there is limited knowledge in the connection between heart disease and COVID-19.

But what they do know is that an alarming number of intensive care patients and deaths from the virus have been from people who have a cardiovasular disease.

According to resources from the AHA website, if you have a diseased heart, it has to work harder to get oxygenated blood through the body.

The heart is typically already having problems pumping blood efficiently and a virus that attacks the respiratory system just makes conditions worse.

“We’re investing our research dollars, 2.5 million dollars for a fast-tracking fund to announce research to explore further COVID-19, cardiovascular disease and stroke,” said Mariell Jessup with the American Heart Association.

The association received over 700 applications for this research funding last week.

They advise people with heart disease and any underlying heart issue to be extra cautious.

Always wash your hands and wear a mask in public and basically act like you have the virus and protect yourself and others.

Make sure you have access to your doctor at a minute’s notice.

Take stock of what medications you need and don’t wait too late to get refills.

And lastly, ask you doctor how you can monitor your conditions at home.

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